Who is AVA?

Your New Healthy Habits Coach

AVA is born from the idea that a healthy lifestyle should be achievable for everyone

Our goal is simple: reimagining the healthy lifestyle, call it healthy living 2.0. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate your new healthy way of living in your current lifestyle, it should adapt to you, not the other way around!

AVA is built around three concepts: Food, Mindfulness and Workouts. In December 2020, we will launch our first concept: Food, right here on the website. As a member of the AVA Team you’ll get access to our recipe book, filled with quick and easy healthy recipes, and our meal planner, which will help you plan your meals through the week.

Until then, you can find us on social media and find our weekly articles here on the website. Thanks for joining our ride, we have only just begun!

The Myth Called Calories

Research has show that in 95% of the cases, a calorie deficit does not lead to long-term weight loss. This is because the theory behind the calorie deficit is flawed.

With restricting calories, it is assumed that the bodies daily calorie expenditure is static, which is not the case. Calorie expenditure is actually highly adaptable, it changes daily and adapts to your food intake. When cutting calories, your body will lower the calorie expenditure, creating a calorie surplus instead of a calorie deficit, leading to weight gain. The infamous weight loss plateau.

Intermittent Fasts

Fasting doesn’t mean you are going to starve yourself. Fasting with AVA is based on intermittent fasting, limiting the amount of time you eat to reduce insulin resistance. 

You are allowing yourself to eat three meals in an 8 to 10 hour timespan: your eating window.  The remaining time of the day will be your fasting time. During this time you can drink water, tea and coffee (no sugar or milk, that breaks the fast). This way of eating will result in lower insulin levels, which means less fat storage.

Check out our intermittent fasting articles to read about all the benefits intermittent fasting can provide you! 

No Clean or Bad Foods: No Cheatday

AVA’s food philosophy is aimed at changing your mindset away from hollow phrases like ‘bad foods’ and ‘cheat days’. There are no bad foods, we believe there are food categories you can eat every day, and others should be eaten in moderation, like sugars and processed foods. 

With our food approach, you don’t have thought about cheat days: having a piece of birthday cake, or enjoying a night out with friends will fit in your new healthy lifestyle.

(And always eat clean, nobody likes a messy eater!)

HIIT it wherever you want

Short and explosive, that how your new training programme will be with AVA. And they will last no longer than 30 minutes without the need for any equipment! That summarises what HIIT with AVA is. 

The goal of the HIIT workouts is to raise your heart rate to the HIIT zone (70-90% of your max heart rate). Training in this zone for 30 seconds with 10-second breaks will improve your cardiovascular fitness and reduce your insulin resistance, which will affect your overall body fat percentages.

Motivation is key

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, motivation is everything, and #TeamAVA has your back. You can compete against the AVA community with our weekly and monthly challenges, and our Walkabout feature makes reaching your daily step goal in to an adventure!

The AVA app will assist you with planning your workouts so you can keep a consistent routine, consistency is key. The AVA app will also track your progress, slowly increasing the difficulty of the exercises overtime, so they never feel stale.

Healthy habits that lead to a stress free life

Your lifestyle is a mixture of multiple daily habits like eating and exercising, at AVA we call it diaitia. One habit is often overlooked, but can have a major impact on your life and lifestyle and that is mindfulness.

Mindfulness might sound exotic but it is nothing more than to build in small moments during your day when you find a moment of peace, relax and by doing so you will lower your stress levels.

AVA helps you build these small moments into your daily lifestyle, from reading a book to taking a short walk.

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